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Summary on 5 Things to Know About Your FERS Annuity

1. Understand your FERS eligibility
2. Know your FERS annuity’s basic formula
3. The minimum retirement age?
4. Know how your Survivor Annuity works
5. Your COLAs will not keep up with inflation

1. FERS Eligibility
As a Federal employee, you are eligible for FERS if any of these categories apply to you: READ MORE

What You Need to Know About Your TSP

Federal Employees have access to one of the lowest-cost ways to save for retirement and your knowledge and understanding of how your TSP works is most beneficial. The Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) charges very low administrative fees of only .029 percent of account balances. This is much lower than other 401(k) options which charge as much as 2% which can take much more out your future retirement income and savings accumulations. The money invested lowers your taxable income now and grows your money tax-deferred until you withdraw it in retirement.