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10 Retirement Planning Mistakes People Make at 50

IMAGE SOURCE / GETTY IMAGES Take inventory of your assets and your strategy, or you could regret it later by Patrica Amend, AARP, May 11, 2021  Reaching age 50 is a milestone that most of us celebrate. Still, after you’ve blown out the candles and bid farewell to your guests, you may have a headache from…

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Feds’ Engagement and Job Satisfaction Rises Despite—or Because of—Pandemic

WORLDOFSTOCK / ISTOCK.COM Officials who administered the annual Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey warned against making sweeping conclusions about the 2020 results, due to changes in the survey’s timing and some of its content. ERICH WAGNER | APRIL 26, 2021 Federal employees reported the biggest increase in their engagement and job satisfaction in more than a decade…

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Federal Employees Sing Telework’s Praises, Want to Continue After the Pandemic

SCYTHER5 / ISTOCK.COM Survey results show those who have been doing their jobs remotely are happier and feel they are just as productive.  AMELIA GRUBER | APRIL 28, 2021 Federal employees who have been teleworking during the novel coronavirus pandemic are giving their new work arrangement rave reviews. In two recently released surveys many teleworkers said…

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Report: Take care to keep documents needed to file retirement

By FederalSoup Staff Apr 12, 2021 If you’re a federal employee—and approaching retirement—there are a number of documents to assemble, whether in paper or electronic form, in preparing to file for your benefits. Yet, many people shred and delete some of the key ones they need, unfortunately. Depending on the kind document, and the retirement…

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