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USPS Begins New Round of Facility Consolidations While Also Procuring Dozens More

Postal management promises consolidations for this initiative will not lead to any layoffs. ERIC KATZ | APRIL 27, 2021 he U.S. Postal Service will consolidate 18 of its mail processing plants, coupling that announcement on Tuesday with plans to procure 45 new “annex” facilities that will boost the agency’s package delivery capacity.  The move highlights…

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What Happens If You Get Social Security Benefits Early?

If you get your Social Security benefits early, you can expect to receive less than your full primary insurance amount. If you continue to earn money after you begin claiming your benefits, your earnings above a certain amount will lead to reduced benefits. Early, in this case, means you have claimed your Social Security benefits…

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Can I Enroll In Medicare When I Retire?

That depends on when you retire. Medicare has its own rules about when you can enroll, along with late enrollment penalties to motivate you to sign up on time. The best time to sign up for Medicare is during your Initial Enrollment Period, which begins three months before the month you turn 65. You can…

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At What Age Should You Retire?

A lot of the considerations for retirement come from your situation in life. Have you been saving from a young age? Did you make a living wage for most of your adult life? Do you have a partner who is contributing financially to your retirement? Are you the higher earner of the pair? The answers…

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Bill aims to close retirement loophole for federal first responders

Firefighters in Los Padres National Forest. (Image credit: Joseph Sohm / By Natalie Alms | Feb 01, 2021 A bipartisan bill introduced in the House and Senate would change the retirement classification of injured federal first responders who return to work in a different type of federal position. Currently, when a federal first responder…

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