Here are testimonials from people that we have helped with
their retirement.

Team FESA has helped a countless number of people across the United States understand their benefits and prepare for their retirement. We are “service nuts”! With FESA you’re our customer for life and we want to help you in every way possible. From saving money on every pay period, helping fill out retirement packets, and running Social Security reports, we have all the answers and are ready to service your needs.

Lee Ann from Kentucky ecstatically expressed that our FESA agent was “very professional and very knowledgeable. He was very patient and polite. The whole experience was pleasant!  Very helpful with canceling FEGLI and assisting with beginning the transfer of my TSP. I look forward to meeting with him again to complete and fill out my retirement booklet. This man needs a raise for what all he DOES!”

Glenn from Louisiana said, “I am glad to see a presentation that doesn’t try to sell you something, but offering helpful information. It’s refreshing to hear the term “fiduciary interest” used in it’s proper context. The workshop was very informative and easy to understand.”


Charles O. from California said, “Jeremy did a great job answering our questions and giving us the information for a better understanding of our future.” 

Grace L. from North Carolina said, “He really made me aware of great retirement choices. I thank him and think he is great and will refer you to everyone.”

James B. from Alabama said, “Tim is very knowledgeable about his job. Answered every question we had and explained everything.”

Jose M. from California said, “Excellent service. Jeremy is well mannered, answered all our questions. We plan on a long term working relationship with him and your company.”

Cindy K. from South Dakota said: “Very informative – explained very well and saving me at least $3000/year.”

Larry W. from Pennsylvania said, “Mr. Moir has been very helpful and professional and I rate him as Triple AAA!”

Toni C. in Washington said, “My benefits specialist was clear and to the point. He answered many questions about my retirement account and monies.”

Judith L. from South Dakota said, “He was very patient and was able to answer my questions. I feel very comfortable doing this. We met at my time schedule which was very nice.”

Mary in Oregon said, “My benefits specialist explained and went into detail covering my concerns and needs for my financial retirement.” 

Lenard in California said, “I really appreciated the way my benefit specialist took the time to explain how my benefits worked. He was very helpful and professional. I will definitely recommend him to my coworkers and friends. Every federal employee needs this kind of support.”

Sheila in Minnesota said, “I was impressed with the knowledge about the TSP fund and investments given when explaining the options to me. I wish I had done this a few years ago instead of waiting so close to my desired retirement date.”

Wanda in North Carolina said, “I feel better about my retirement now. Help me understand more about what income I will have.”

Joyce P. from California said, “Wish I would have done this a few years back. I understand everything about my retirement better.”

Kenneth and April from New Mexico said, “Ray was wonderful and answered all our questions and was very good at explaining everything. We feel well taken care of by him and are very happy that he helped us. Thank you! Excellent job! AAAAA+++++”

Harry F. from Illinois said, “Mr. Thompson has been very helpful. I now have a much better understanding of my benefits. Glad that I was referred.”

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